Sand Castings

At Aluminium Products we employ a variety of moulding techniques which enable us to offer a vast array of sand castings.

We operate a heavy floor section which is dedicated to the production of larger aluminium castings weighing up to 1.5 tonnes and measuring up to 3.5 meters in diameter by 1.5 meters in height, this ability sets us aside from many other foundries.

The track moulding system is a very versatile method of casting enabling Aluminium Products to offer one off prototype castings to higher volume production runs, and castings can vary in weight from a few grams to over 20 kg. Using airset moulding means we can produce castings from loose patterns or boxless casting moulds using compacts.

We have our own core shop on site enabling us to produce a wide range of cores to be used in the production of castings, this can help in reducing the weight of a casting or the amount of machining needed.

Advantages of casting aluminium in sand include being able to produce more complex castings, with very intricate cores, it is also the most cost effective way of producing small batch castings as the tooling costs are significantly lower than gravity die equipment.

We have a reclamation unit onsite meaning we are able to recycle a large percentage of the sand used without compromising the quality of the sand, making it a more environmentally friendly.